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We have a large variety of work that we've done through the years, too bad there isn't pictures of all of it. It would get a bit boring and boastful after a while, please see some of the projects we worked on in renovations and new home construction..

Home Renovations

New Home Construction

This renovation was a lovely 2 1/2" natural hard maple. We are particularly happy with the stairs on this one.

This new home used natural stained oak for their curved staircase. This job was very distinctive and defines the word "elegant"....more.
Ren02 This is a nice red oak floor. It certainly makes the fireplace look nice, not to mention the rich tones and shiny finish, this floor is awesome....more
This is a 2 1/4 hard maple with sierra stain. . It added a nice dimension to the home making it warm and cheerful....more.

We loved this job with big chunks of naturally stained golden oak, stairs just look so nice when they are done in hardwood....more

This home was very high end and we were very honored to have a significant part in the look and feel of the home as there is extensive hickory throughout...more
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